Scholarship Program

The We women foundation sends a select group of women to the university of their choice within Asia for their undergraduate and graduate degrees. Women are selected from a pool of hundreds of qualified applicants. They are the strongest candidates, not only in their backgrounds and abilities, but most importantly in their plans to use their education to improve the lives of people in Burma.

Many people make the error of assuming that higher education in Asia is relatively inexpensive. In many Asian countries, only the wealthy elite are able to attend institutions of higher education. Government scholarships are scarce, and our students would not qualify for these due to their lack of status. It costs approximately $7,700 for each student to complete a degree. This amount includes food and housing. In Asia, salaries are low and a Burmese woman is unlikely to find employment to support herself and allow for study.

Scholarships cover all university fees and tuition, books and school supplies, transportation costs, and living expenses. We women also helps students obtain legal documents such as passports, and copies of high school or undergraduate diplomas from Burma in order to access higher education institutions in Thailand and abroad. Monthly living expenses for scholarship students cost $330, and tuition fees for one student to attend university for one month costs $310.

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