The We women foundation strives for equality for different groups of people in the world.  We women is committed to encouraging creative initiatives and supporting personal growth, mental and emotional health as well as education for women, refugees, ethnic minorities and disadvantaged groups by giving them the opportunity to  formulate their own needs within their communities without enforcing outsider beliefs upon them.  We women’s ultimate goal is equality for all.

Our beloved sister, friend, and colleague, Chilli, passed away suddenly on Friday, March 6th.


Chilli had been working with We women for over two years. In those years she showed passion and dedication for her work and the goals of We women’s programs. She started working with us as my son Hugo’s nanny, so that when I was in Thailand I could work fulltime while she took care of him at the office. There was always a lot of laughter and running in the house, as Chilli was very active and Hugo just loved that, especially when she brought her fourteen-year-old daughter Bee and her eight-year-old son Khone. They would all play, dance and paint for hours. I could even go out to meetings and conferences in Myanmar and Bangkok and leave Hugo with her overnight. You could easily say that she was Hugo’s second mum.

After working with her for a few months, it became clear that Chilli had potential to do much more for our NGO, so we hired her as an office assistant. Before we knew it, she was running the office smoothly and managing our income-generating activities. Therefore we decided that from March 2015 – on she would be our Administrative Officer and that she would lead our activities in Thailand. Chilli was trained throughout February to get ready for her new position, as she would be leading the entire office on her own.

Chilli encountered a lot of hardship in her life and but always found a way to overcome whatever difficulties she faced. At the same time, she spent a lot of time volunteering to help others who were in need. She was an active member of the Kachin Women’s Association of Thailand for many years while at the same time she helped out at her local church as much as her free time allowed. Her children Bee and Khone were her pride and joy. Bee took a test last year and was accepted into a very selective and highly regarded high school in Chiang Mai. Chilli was always trying to improve the lives of othesr and worked hard to achieve as much as she could in the time that she had.

We feel her loss deeply at We women, as our bond with Chilli and her family was one of friendship and love. Our thoughts and love go out to Chilli’s husband and children; it will be so difficult for them to move forward without their strong and loving wife and mother.

We want to support the family as much as we can. One of the actions we are taking is to set up a scholarship fund for Bee and Khone so that they can finish their high school education. We will need around €7000 to help them through the next 10 years. Please help Chilli’s family by donating today.

From Thailand directly to our bank account:
Account holder: We women foundation
Account number: 70-0603025

From the Netherlands or Europe direct to our bank account:
Bank: Triodos
Account holder: We women foundation
IBAN: NL49 TRIO 0390 5136 87

Online through the Pifworld page we created, or through our PayPal account:


Please clarify in the subject line that you wish your donation to go towards the Chilli Scholarship Fund.

Thank you so much for your support during this difficult time.

Ursula Cats
Founder & Director