Empowering women

The We women foundation strives for equality for different groups of people in the world.  We women is committed to encouraging creative initiatives and supporting personal growth, mental and emotional health as well as education for women, refugees, ethnic minorities and disadvantaged groups by giving them the opportunity to  formulate their own needs within their communities without enforcing outsider beliefs upon them.  We women’s ultimate goal is equality for all.


Educate One Empower Thousands

 We women foundation’s 2014 campaign, Educate One, Empower Thousands, is focused on raising funds that will be directed towards higher education for the women of Burma. Many minority women in Burma are passionate about taking part in the struggle for human rights and the fight for democracy, but without higher education, they are often pushed back into traditional roles that do not permit them the freedom and mobility to contribute to Burma’s economic, social, and political future. Higher education enables qualified scholarship recipients to eventually attain leadership positions where they can influence change, drive social reform, and most importantly–empower thousands more to do the same.

Check out our new campaign video on vimeo, featuring interviews with our Founder and Executive Director as well as one of our scholarship students!

Our 2014 annual giving campaign is off to a great start with our first corporate donor – Shannon Passero – a successful clothing business owner in Canada – donating 5000 Canadian dollars!

Shannon has been an avid We Women supporter for years. In addition to owning a design studio and retail outlet in the historic former Thorold Firehall in Ontario, she is also the recipient of the prestigious Niagra entrepreneur of the year award. The We women foundation thanks Shannon for her donation!

Let’s keep the momentum going! Help us reach our goal of €20,000/$25,000 by donating today!

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About our campaign:

Our campaign focuses on higher education for the women of Burma to enable them to work in leadership positions where they can influence change, drive social reform and empower thousands more.

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