Previous Campaings

In 2011 We Women organized a first online campaign, to raise awareness of its work and to raise funds for its activities. Based on the success of the first year, We Women has since organized a yearly thematic online campaign. The aim of the campaigns is to both raise awareness about the work of We women and to raise funds for the implementation of its activities and projects.


Online campaign 2015 Because She is a Leader

The challenge:

  • Women have a disadvantaged position in the traditional culture of Myanmar; they are heavily underrepresented in education, business and politics.
  • Women need access to higher education. Education is the main route to enable access to leadership positions and political empowerment.
  • Women need to be economically active. Currently only 38% of women in Myanmar are active in the workforce; mostly as unskilled labourers.

Why now?

The country has slowly started its transition to be more democratic and investment opportunities are rising. It is a critical time in Myanmar history to empower women to pursue meaningful education and career objectives with the aim of transforming them into leaders who will become champions of change for Burma.

Our solution:

The aim of the We Women Foundation is to assist women into leadership positions within policy-making or influential organisations:

  • We women provides scholarships to enable women to complete tertiary education
  • We women provides training to develop skills in project- and business management, and helps women to start their own social businesses
  • We women creates strong multi-disciplinary networks across the ethnic areas to link together women who together form a powerful voice

These projects assist emerging leaders, so they can empower other women and their communities, and promote positive social change, on their own terms.


Emerging Women of Burma - 2013 and Educate One, Empower Thousand - 2014


In 2013 & 2014 the online campaign was linked to the release of the first documentary produced by We women titled Emerging women of Burma. This documentary portrays seven women who are community leaders in Burma and gives a good idea of the type of woman We women students aspire to become.


In 2013 a trailer of the documentary was released during the online campaign to get people involved in spreading the word about We women’s work.

The Documentary was released in 2014 and screenings were organized by volunteers and friends around the world in support of The foundation’s annual online campaign in December 2014. This provided an opportunity to raise awareness about We women’s work and to raise funds. Including volunteers and friends in a personal way proved to be effective campaigning as the 2014 online campaign was the most successful one until now.


Dreams of Women at the Top - 2012

The online campaign in 2012 built on the work and achievements of the previous years. Using Facebook and Twitter following, We women’s tried to raise as much awareness for its work as possible.

The Foundation started working with a new online donation platform, Global Giving and asked people to make a donation. To be a permanent member of Global Giving, organization need to raise a minimum of $5000 by at least thirty individual donors within one month. The fact that We women managed to succeed in this challenge shows that this campaign was a successful one.


Educate One, Empower Thousands - 2011

In late 2011 We Women launched its first online campaign. The objective of the campaign was to increase awareness of its work via social media platforms. By creating publicity on Facebook and Twitter, the Foundation raised awareness for the launch of an informative video about its work in Chiang Mai.


This was the first time that many people got to know the women that we work with at We Women. Using the attention that the video enjoyed, the Foundation asked for donations to its work. The campaign resulted not only in a substantial amount of money being raised but also led to a sharp increase in followers on social media platforms.


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