We women from Burma

The We women foundation in Chiang Mai, Thailand, promotes the education and well-being of unrecognized refugee women from Burma. The Foundation targets women whose passions, goals and motivations identify them as future leaders of Burma. We women provides a much needed service to women from Burma by offering them the opportunity to succeed in higher education.

Each year the We women foundation supports a select number of qualified women as they prepare themselves for leadership in their country and communities. We women assists students to prepare for university, advising them during the application process, supporting them during their study and throughout their job search. During each woman’s period of study, the We women foundation provides scholarship funding for their university tuition, as well as academic tutoring and coaching. In order to provide long-term success, We women assists its alumni in their search for both internships and employment as they enter the professional world.

The long-term aim of the We women from Burma project is to assist unrecognized refugee women into obtaining positions of authority within policy making or influential organizations so that they then can empower other women and their communities, on their own terms.

What kind of assistance does the We women from Burma project provide? The We women from Burma project consists of a range of programs which aid women at different stages of professional development: