“You can pass on your skills to others so they can grow”


Elizabeth is originally from England. She studied a Master’s degree in (English of philosophy) in Scotland. Following the completion of her degree, she spent 5 years working at a Software Company which she did not find to be all that agreeable. She was craving to find out her true passion and a career path that she genuinely wanted to follow in the future. In 2013, she eventually figured out what she wanted to be.

Elizabeth stated, “ I love to teach English, especially phonetics and grammar. My purpose is to increase people’s awareness of English as a global language rather than a local language spoken only in its native countries. I insist that this is the only way for cultures to come together and exchange ideas and knowledge. Therefore, I am willing to dedicate my professional teaching skills to English learners since everyone knows how important education is. You can pass on your skills to others so they can grow”. When she was saying it, I felt the strength and faith in her.

A few months later, she decided to come to Thailand after she was told by her friends about the geographical and educational condition of Thailand. She personally believed that Thailand is the best place for her to settle down in order to contribute and empower ambitious English learners through their education according to her passion. However, she was doubtful, anxious and uncertain as to whether her dreams to be a teacher would come or not. Fortunately, she heard about We women foundation and she willingly decided without hesitation to volunteer at Wewomen.

“The basic philosophy of this foundation is sound with my belief that we should help support others through their education. So, I have no doubts about volunteering at We women. This foundation accelerates and empowers women from Burma with regards to education in the hope of increasing women’s access to future carriers and leadership positions”, She added.

Recently, she has been coaching English to two Wewomen’s pre-university Burmese scholarship students (Yadanar and Seng Zin ) for the TOFEL tests. At the same time, She is also teaching at one of the international high schoosl in Chiang Mai. She said,“ Teaching here in Thailand is challenging, yet I am delighted to see my English students improve. I love teaching ”.

She is now going to teach at the “Brainworks” private International primary school in Taung Gyi, Shan State in Burma. She said even though she is moving to a new place, she will keep continue to volunteer to help ambitious learners in Burma and is passionate about supporting We women.

The result of Elizabeth’s hard work and dedication in teaching others is so far evidenced by looking at one of her student’s (Yadanar) improvement in English. Yadanar is Wewomen’s pre-university student from Burma. And she is also a current accountant and office assistant at Wewomen. She was a second year student majoring in Biochemistry at Pyay University in Burma. Unfortunately, her parents were arrested and she had to come to Thailand in 2012 since she is the only child who no longer had financial support from her parents. She was in Mae Sod , teaching the children at SAW (Social Action for Women) organization for two years. Then she came to Chaingmai to study at BEAM (Bridging Educational Access for Migrants) in order to complete her dream of becoming a journalist. She is now learning English with Elizabeth. She is trying to pass the TOFEL tests and hoping to be matriculated in to university to study Media communication once she receives the scholarship to do so. She said, “ I always want to stand for the people who are treated unfairly and who are afraid of raising their voices in Burma. There are lots of rape cases that are not filed. No one would take any action for it and no one would be concerned about it. It is just because they are women from a tribe and from the lower class. It is discrimination. I like to discover the truth behind it and reveal the ugly truth to make things just and equal”.

She is now planning to go back to Burma to stay with her parents. However, she will still be receiving online tutoring from Elizabeth to strengthen her English skills to make her dream comes true.

Written by
Gracemoonpan Lachyung
Communication officer volunteer

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