We women foundation welcomes back a friendly face

This week the We women foundation office has been graced with the presence of Nang Noon. Nang Noon has been a friend of the We women foundation since its founding in 2009, but did not become a student until 2012 when she began working on her Master’s degree in Educational Administration at Thailand Assumption University in Bangkok.

Prior to starting her Master’s degree Nang Noon studied History in Burma. From there she worked as a teacher as well as a manager at an organization that seeks to provide educational opportunities to those who are no longer receiving them through mainstream mechanisms. Following this experience she was inspired to pursue further education in order to gain a better understanding of the most effective ways to provide educational services to marginalized communities.

Nang Noon is now near completion of her degree and has come to Chiang Mai to begin research for her thesis. Her thesis will evaluate the satisfaction of students who have received and are currently receiving their education through non-profit originations. From her research she hopes to be able to offer recommendations on how to improve the services and identify what further assistance is needed for student success and satisfaction.

While in Chiang Mai, Nang Noon is utilizing time with her We women tutor, who has been assisting in planning the structure of her study as well as finding sources for her initial research. Nang Noon will be launching her study in Burma in the near future and hopes to talk with students to truly discover what they want from their education and if they feel the services being provided will assist them in their goal.

After graduation Nang Noon hopes to continue her work in education and hopes that her studies will give her more information on how she can most effectively administer educational services.

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