Sneak peek of E Pleeth Baung interview in the Emerging Women of Burma Documentary!

E Pleeth Baung, one of the women featured in our upcoming documentary, Emerging Women of Burma is from Lashio, Northern Shan State and is of Wa ethnicity.  She founded the Gawng Loe Mu (Three Mountains) organization to provide Wa women with educational programs. Baung is particularly dedicated to working for women’s empowerment and equality in remote areas of Burma, communities which are often ignored and unserved by the international community and the government of Myanmar itself.

Below is an excerpt from her  interview featured in We women‘s Emerging Women of Burma documentary!

“Wherever I go and meet with the authorities, they think I am about to set up a political party. Thus, I must prove by my actions that this is not what it is about. But, I can’t prove it immediately, I must gradually explain this to them through my actions.

Another challenge is that I am young and a woman. Generally there are no such women in my community who are active politically and socially, they have doubts about me and start asking me my background and history – who I am?, where do I come from? who are my parents? etc…This might not be regarded as a difficulty, however it has taken me a long time to build their trust in me and my work.”

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