Meet Khin Hnin, featured in our Emerging Women of Burma documentary!

Khin Hnin started an organization in Myaing, Pakokku district, an area in central Burma heavily affected by flooding and extreme poverty. Her organization is building schools, providing healthcare and basic needs to the poor.

Below is an excerpt from her poignant interview featured in We women‘s Emerging Women of Burma documentary!

“It is difficult for the people in this remote mountain village in Myaingto access clean water and there are few trees because they cut down the trees and sell the wood or use the timber for cooking purposes. So, now there are only a small number of trees left even though these people live in an area which is government owned forest.

Due to the lack of water, many children have skin infections and the old people have high blood pressure. There is no doctor and no monk. You may ask why they don’t go to the clinic? Going to the nearest clinic is very dangerous as the village where the clinic is located is a long way away and the road there is treacherous from serious soil erosion. So, they don’t go to the clinic as they are not sure they will even reach it alive.

The village head finished grade 3, and he is the most educated person in this village. The village hires students who are learning by distance education as teachers and pay them according to the child: teacher ratio. The villagers earn income by selling wood to the villages at the base of the mountains, but they can’t do this during rainy season as the soil of the mountains erodes at that time and the road is not safe. So then they can’t pay the teachers and as a result the teachers leave, stating that they have to study- they do not come back.”

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